Naan on Broughton is a contemporary Indian restaurant located in historic downtown Savannah. We serve an extensive menu of classic Indian flare in a roomy art-filled space. Our menu is packed with great flavors and textures, and our staff is happy to customize to ones liking.


The journey of naan began in 2013 when two food enthusiast families moved to Savannah and called it home away from home. Their love for Indian and its warm flavors kindled the sprites to share the goodness with one and all. It all started with serving simple homegrown recipes to friends and family during festival times and grew into an idea to spread the flavors with the local community.

At NaaN we emphasize quality ingredients, tradition, and simplicity. Our menu features a variety of Indian delicacies, from iconic street snacks to our wholesome, warm home recipes. We believe attention to detail is the key to delivering a warm and enjoyable service, and the main focus is to serve a combination of an excellent variety of Indian food in an environment that appeals to a varied palate. Hence one can be assured that our recipes have been conceptualized and created with love. Please stop by and give us an opportunity to serve you.

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naan on broughton Team

Bill Dawers

Bill Dawers is the CEO of NaaN on Broughton, a contemporary Indian restaurant in Savannah, GA. The restaurant opened a few weeks ago and has already found a fan in City Talk columnist Bill Dawers. The restaurant sits right across the street from the Marshall House on Broughton Street, joining the large number of hot spots on the shopping street.

Kenvin Maston

Kevin Maston
The dedicated and passionate head chef at NaaN on Broughton

Kevin Maston, a seasoned chef at NaaN on Broughton, brings a wealth of culinary experience to the table. Coming from a family deeply rooted in the food industry, he skillfully weaves his culinary heritage into his creations. Beyond his mastery in the kitchen, Kevin has expanded his influence to the digital realm, serving as the editor for our restaurant’s online content, thereby sharing his gastronomic passion and knowledge with a broader audience.